Honda Finance

Honda Finance Application

Apply for Finance online. Once you have completed all the information necessary for the application, you can submit the application for online processing.

Finance Application

Honda iContract

The Honda iContract site allows you to securely and conveniently check up on and digitally sign your finance contracts.

iContract Site

Honda Account Services

The Honda Finance Account Services site puts the control of your accounts into your hands. You can register via an automated process, and have access to your accounts within minutes.

Account Services

Calculate My Payments

What will my repayments be? The vehicle repayment calculator will assist you in calculating the monthly repayments on a vehicle. You also have the option of calculating the cost of related bank insurance products.


Calculate my Vehicle Purchase Price

What amount can I buy for? The vehicle purchase price calculator will assist you in calculating the value of a vehicle that you could buy based on a specified monthly repayment.