18 June 2018

ASIMO: Built by Honda for Humans

ASIMO is a bipedal humanoid robot that Honda has worked tirelessly to develop since 2000, with the end goal of producing robots that will coexist with and be useful to humankind. The latest version was introduced in 2011 with the world's first autonomous behaviour control technology.

Originally designed to be a vehicle for advancing human mobility, ASIMO has helped us achieve much more than we could have possibly imagined. ‘Stride Management Assist’ supports those with weakened leg muscles by using motors to lift the legs back and forth. While ‘Bodyweight Support Assist’ helps people who have difficulty is holding up their own bodyweight, especially in working environments where one is required to crouch for long periods of time.

Asimo - News

ASIMO is also responsible for our ‘Rider’s Assist Technology’, which completely removes the weight and strain of a motorcycle and automatically balances it at low speeds, and at a standstill. This allows for complete control, including those with physical limitations. It is truly magnificent to see the results that comes from years of research and the relentless desire to dream up new and innovative ways of improving human mobility.

Another goal that our engineers have challenged themselves to is to make ASIMO seem more human and create more seamless interaction between humans and robots. Because of this dedication ASIMO can now react to and distinguish different human voices and movements. ASIMO is also able to speak sign language, the first language of over 70 million people worldwide.

The latest version of ASIMO is now even more autonomous and capable of continuous behaviour without human operation. New enhancements allow for greater adaptive capacity, both theoretically and physically, ensuring that ASIMO moves one step closer to practical use in crowded public spaces and office environments. And one step closer to a better future for all.

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