Street Racer Quentin Boylan is a Honda Fanatic

19 October 2018

Quentin Boylan is a talented street racer and self-proclaimed Honda fanatic. He describes himself as an ordinary guy with an immense passion for fast cars, drag cars and motor racing which, he says, gives him a sense of fulfilment.

But, he’s not a one-man show. He is adamant that he couldn’t have achieved anything without his team and their ethos of “Teamwork makes the dream work”.

Street Racer Quentin Boylan is a Honda Fanatic  - News

Some of the cars he and his team built to race include:

A 1971 Honda Civic completely refurbished and fitted with a B-series V-Tec motor and drive train

A Honda EG 6 fitted with a K-series engine and drive train which was the first all-motor car to break into the 10-second bracket in Africa on the quarter mile. This vehicle also holds two South African National Records in two different classes with a best time of 10.994 seconds at 192 km/h over 400 meters.

A 2000 Honda Civic affectionately known as King-K (named so due to his success with the Honda K-series engines). Previously this car pushed the envelope even further with a personal best of 10.224 seconds at 214.6 km/h over 400m. After dialling in the car they are now standing at 8.27 sec and 291km/h over a 400m standing start!

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King-K which is their pride and joy will be touching down in the USA on the 22nd October 2018 where they hope to ‘join’ the exclusive 7-second club while competing in the Haltech World Cup Finals 2018. Follow Quentin on Instagram (@quentinboylan) and Facebook (Quentin Boylan).

Good Luck to him and his team, and thank you for showing us the Power of Dreams.

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