Honda Extends MotoGP Constructors World Championship Record

28 November 2018

Honda crowned a hugely successful 2018 MotoGP season by extending its own record of achievements in the important Constructors World Championship arena.

The company celebrated its 70th birthday in the 70th season of motorcycle Grand Prix racing by securing the MotoGP Constructors World Championship with the mighty RC213V and the Moto3 Constructors World Championship with the superb NSF250RW.

These accomplishments extend Honda’s total constructors prizes to a record 69 titles across all motorcycle Grand Prix classes.

This year’s premier-class success was achieved thanks to victories taken by Riders World Champion Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team RC213V) and fellow HRC rider Cal Crutchlow (LCR Honda CASTROL RC213V). This is Honda’s 24th constructors success in the class of kings, extending its own record far beyond its closest challenger, which has won 16 constructors titles.

Honda took its first premier-class constructors prize at its very first attempt in 1966, with the RC181 500cc four-stroke, ridden by 1960s legends Mike Hailwood and Jim Redman. That same year the company managed the unique achievement of winning a full-house of Constructors World Championships in the five Grand Prix classes that existed at that time: 50cc, 125cc, 250cc, 350cc and 500cc.

Since then 23 more crowns have been won with a fabulous array of machinery. Each of these machines has proved the engineering brilliance of Honda designers, who have led the development of technology and adapted to ever-changing Grand Prix technical regulations. The success of the RC181 four-stroke was followed by the NS500 and NSR500 two-strokes and the RC211V, RC212V and RC213V four-strokes. Over the decades much of the racetrack knowhow gained from these cutting-edge racing motorcycles has been passed down to the products that Honda sells to motorcyclists around the globe.

Honda secured its 18th Constructors World Championship in the Moto3/125cc class thanks to race wins by Riders World Champion Jorge Martin (Del Conca Gresini Moto3 Honda NSF250RW), Fabio Di Giannantonio (Del Conca Gresini Moto3 Honda NSF250RW), Enea Bastianini (Leopard Racing Honda NSF250RW) and Lorenzo Dalla Porta (Leopard Racing Honda NSF250RW).

Honda won its first Constructors World Championship in this category way back in 1961. That success was achieved with the RC144 125cc four-stroke twin, a development of the RC142 with which Honda first entered World Championship competition in 1959.

Honda MotoGP/500cc Constructors World Championships 1966-2018

1966 RC181 500cc four-stroke four-cylinder
1983 NS500 500cc two-stroke V3
1984 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4/NS500 500cc two-stroke V3
1985 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4/NS500 500cc two-stroke V3
1989 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4
1992 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4
1994 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4
1995 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4
1996 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4
1997 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4
1998 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4
1999 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4
2001 NSR500 500cc two-stroke V4
2002 RC211V 990cc four-stroke V5
2003 RC211V 990cc four-stroke V5
2004 RC211V 990cc four-stroke V5
2006 RC211V 990cc four-stroke V5
2011 RC212V 800cc four-stroke V4
2012 RC213V 1000cc four-stroke V4
2013 RC213V 1000cc four-stroke V4
2014 RC213V 1000cc four-stroke V4
2016 RC213V 1000cc four-stroke V4
2017 RC213V 1000cc four-stroke V4
2018 RC213V 1000cc four-stroke V4
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