Lego Civic Type R to appear across Australia over the coming months

02 May 2019

The iconic Civic Type R has been lauded for its beautifully curved lines and unique shape, so how does one build a life-sized replica using small, sharply-lined bricks? You get a global expert to build it from the ground up, of course! Ryan McNaught (a Lego Certified Professional) and his team of nine builders took up the challenge, using 320 000 bricks, and not a small amount of ingenuity to create the replica that, with the help of an iPad, turns on the headlights, DRLs, fog lights, hazard lights, brake and reversing lights.

According to McNaught, the most challenging elements of the build were the window wipers, due to their fragility, and the back spoiler which needed structure to allow it to float.

The life-size Lego model was created ahead of the much-anticipated 'Lego Masters' TV show which is set to air this year and will see eight pairs of Lego fanatics fight it out in a high intensity building competition.

Honda Australia Director, Stephen Collins, said; "Honda is a company that is all about creativity and innovation so it’s great to support a family show that mirrors these ideals so well. Through Lego Master we’ll see some of the dreams of the contestants, and also fans, come to life – we’re proud to be helping drive that."

The Lego Civic Type R will be making appearances across Australia over the coming months.

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