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This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") applies to how we process your Personal Information (as defined in paragraph 2.1 below) when you use the Website and Services (as such terms are defined in the Website Terms and Conditions accessible at (the "Terms")). To the extent that this Privacy Policy refers to definitions or provisions in the Terms, they are hereby incorporated in this Privacy Policy by reference. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

All of the provisions of this Privacy Policy are important, but please pay special attention to the parts that are in bold writing. These parts contain information about provisions that have special consequences for you. These parts are only intended to bring such provisions to your attention, and, where necessary, to explain their fact, nature and effect. Where explanations are given, they may be contained in a box. Such boxed explanations are aids to understanding only and are not provisions themselves. They do not limit the meaning or application of the provisions, and do not apply only to the situations and examples described in the boxes or only to similar situations or examples.

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