Our Story

The Power of Dreams

The joy of moving you is what moves us. So, whether it involves wheels, wings, water, or even walking, everything we do is centred around you. Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.

We are a company built on dreams. And these dreams inspire us to create innovative products that enhance human mobility and benefit society. We see "The Power of Dreams" as a way of thinking that guides us and inspires us to move forward. The strength of our company comes from this philosophy—based on the visionary principles of our founder, Soichiro Honda.

Honda’s success in the global marketplace is the result of our continued investment in each of the markets in which we participate. Since its inception in June 2000 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Honda Motor Company, Honda has become a major player in South Africa, meeting our customer’s needs with a range of Automobiles, Motorcycles and Power Products. Initially concentrating on the local South African market, the company is now responsible for a significant part of the African Continent, with offices in South Africa, Kenya as well as a dealer network stretching throughout the SADC region.

Our responsibilities to our associates, our business partners, our communities and our planet, have always guided us and helped us on our path to be a company society wants to exist.

A driving force for Honda Motor Southern Africa has always been our customer service and this is provided through an extensive dealer network, which in turn provides investment and employment opportunities for people across Southern Africa, with South Africa alone hosting franchised Automobile, Motorcycle, Marine and Power Equipment outlets.


From our development of a super-clean diesel engine, to the production of our hydrogen powered cars, right down to the plastic cups we recycle in the staff canteen, Honda has long been at the forefront of the automobile industry’s efforts to improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions.

Today, Honda is accelerating its efforts to reduce CO² emissions that contribute to global climate change through a dedicated approach to new technology development that includes more fuel-efficient gasoline engines, gas-electric hybrids, natural gas and battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell electric vehicles.

Honda - Our Story
Honda - Our Story


At Honda, we’ve never stopped dreaming of a future where the joy of mobility is accessible to everyone. Where, no matter what the circumstances, you’re able to explore the world around you with complete freedom. Projects like Walking Assist and the HondaJet get us even closer to that dream.

Honda - Our Story

Walking Assist

18 June 2018
Striving to offer the joy of mobility to more people, Honda began R&D of the Walking Assist Device
Honda - Our Story

Pursuing the Long-standing Dream of Advancing Personal Mobility to the Skies

20 June 2018
While Honda has developed a range of products for land and sea—including cars, motorcycles...


At Honda, The Power of Dreams is what drives us to create intelligent products that drive innovation, enhance mobility and increase the joy in people’s lives. We continue to draw inspiration from the visionary ideas of our namesake, Soichiro Honda. He saw incredible power in the freedom of mobility and used his imagination to change the world, and this is what guides us to help move people forward and enhance the future we all share.

Honda - Our Story


18 June 2018
It’s our hope that with ASIMO, we can transform and improve the lives of people all over the world.
Honda - Our Story

Civic Type R

18 June 2018
With innovation firmly embedded in our DNA, Engineers brought to life the race-ready Civic Type R.


Creating a world where collisions no longer happen is one of our most monumental dreams yet, and we’re already working toward making it come true with advanced suites of collision-avoidance and driver-assist technologies called HondaSensing®. Through these and future innovations, we are working toward our vision of a collision-free society.

Honda - Our Story
Honda - Our Story
Honda - Our Story

Honda’s History

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